Foldable Skylight Pet Stroller

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  • All-Terrain Performance: Robust, non-inflatable tires with 360-degree swivel and shock absorption ensure smooth navigation on any surface.
  • Compact Convenience: Weighing just 9.6 pounds, this stroller easily folds with a single click, fitting seamlessly into trunks or storage spaces.
  • Enhanced Safety: Effortlessly engage the parking feature with a simple press on the pedal for added safety. Built-in Safety Leash prevents pet from getting lost.
  • Skylight Design: Transparent side windows and a circular panoramic front window provide ventilation and satisfy your pet's curiosity about the surroundings.
  • Comfort on the Go: Enjoy the added benefit of a built-in USB fan and dual-sided mat, ensuring your pet's comfort year-round.
  • Versatile Travel Companion: Multiple modes, including a pet stroller, hand-carry, shoulder-carry, and car seat mode, making it the ultimate pet travel solution.
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    • Carrier x 1
    • Stroller x 1
    • Cooling Fan x 1
    • Shoulder Strap x 1
    • USB Cable x 1

    One bundle includes 6-month supplies of waste receptacles(24pcs) and liners(6pcs) for one normal size cat.

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    Robust and Comfortable Tires

    Engineered with resilient, non-inflatable tires, the front wheels boast a 360-degree swivel and shock absorption system. Navigate any terrain effortlessly – from lawns to dirt paths and speed bumps – ensuring both durability and unparalleled comfort for your pet.

    Versatile Stroller for Every Need

    From a dedicated pet stroller to a hand-carry, shoulder-carry, and even a car seat mode – this is your go-to companion for pet travel, regardless of time or place.

    Effortless One-Click Foldinig

    Crafted from lightweight materials at just 9.6 pounds, this stroller folds with a simple click. Collapse it down seamlessly, fitting into your trunk or storage space with ease for hassle-free convenience.

    360° Ventilation + Transparent Window Design

    A large circular panoramic window at the front, along with transparent perforated windows on both sides, satisfies your pet's curiosity about the outside world while maintaining excellent ventilation inside the basket.

    Exclusive Skylight Innovation

    Featuring a deluxe skylight to alleviate your cat's social anxiety. Curious? Peek out. Anxious? Retreat inside. The adaptable skylight cover effortlessly switches, and the zippered design allows your furry friend to move freely.

    Built-in USB Cooling Fan

    Integrated fan for an instant cooling effect. Just connect to a power bank to offer a gentle breeze for your pet. Includes a convenient storage bag for on-the-go cooling.

    All-Season Dual-sided Mat

    Dual-sided design - a warm cotton side for winter and a cool mat side for summer. Removable for easy cleaning, ensuring your pet's comfort year-round.

    Thoughtful Storage for Easy Travel

    The pet basket boasts dual-sided pockets and a zippered compartment, while the stroller adds an extra-large storage basket. Effortlessly stow essentials like phones, snacks, and umbrellas.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What weight limit does the stroller accommodate?

    The stroller can hold weight up to 60 lbs. But the carrier might not be big enough for big pets(> 25 lbs). Please measure the size and weight of your pet before purchasing.

    How does the built-in cooling fan work?

    The stroller includes a USB-powered fan for on-the-go cooling. Simply connect it to a power bank(not included), providing a gentle breeze for your pet's comfort during travel.

    Does it need assembling?

    Yes, it does take about 5 mins to assemble when you receive the package. Tool-free!

    Can be carrier be locked on the stroller?

    Yes, of course! There is a locking device under the carrier, you can securely fasten the pet basket onto the stroller.