Full Enclosed Stainless Steel Litter Box with Lid and Two Entrance

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  • Hygienic Stainless Steel: Eliminates odor and bacteria buildup, providing a cleaner and safer environment for your cat.
  • Spacious Space: Large enough for big cats and multi-cat households, ensuring comfort and space for all.
  • Triple Litter Recycling Systems: Reduces litter tracking, minimizes waste, and promotes efficient recycling.
  • Convertible Design: Use as a fully enclosed litter box with dual entries(front and top), or as an open litter box by removing the top cover.
  • Adjustable Flap Door: Three modes (full access, one-way in, one-way out) for customized entry control for cats of different ages.
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  • In-The-Package
    • Stainless steel base
    • Dual-layer lid
    • Litter recovery platform
    • Scoop & Scoop storage
    • Anti-slip stickers x 4

    One bundle includes 6-month supplies of waste receptacles(24pcs) and liners(6pcs) for one normal size cat.

    Convertible Premium Litter Box Solution

    Presenting our convertible stainless steel cat litter box, featuring a removable enclosure for both enclosed and open use, a dual-entry design, triple litter recycling systems, and an innovative flap door with three access modes. Designed to accommodate larger breeds and multi-cat households, and ensure minimal litter scatter, easy cleaning, and ultimate convenience.

    Extra Large Space for Comfort and Litter Capacity

    With dimensions of 23.9"L x 15.9"W x 15.4"H, our litter box is spacious enough to accommodate cats of all sizes, providing them with a comfortable place and privacy to do their business. The base holds up to 8 gallons of litter, providing 30 days of maintenance-free use for a single cat.

    Long-lasting & Easy-cleaning

    The foundation of our enclosed litter box is made from top-grade stainless steel. This material not only enhances durability but also makes cleaning a breeze. Its non-porous surface prevents odor absorption and inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment for your feline friend.

    Dual entries & Adjustable Flap Door

    The front door is equipped with a knob to toggle between three entry modes: full access, in-only, and out-only. Additionally, the top exit provides extra flexibility, making it suitable for cats of different ages and mobility levels.

    Advanced Litter Recycle System

    Our Triple Litter Recovery System is designed with a built-in sifting step, an external sifting platform, and a perforated top cover. The system minimizes litter tracking and maximizes the reuse of clean litter, ensuring a cleaner home.

    Effortlessly Convertible Switch

    Transform it into an open litter box by simply "pushing" and lifting the top layer of the dual-lid, making it easier for your cat to adapt and providing you with hassle-free scooping.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to clean the stainless steel cat litter box?

    Remove all litter from the box and clean it with a damp cloth or rinse with water. Ensure it is completely dry before refilling with fresh litter. The nonstick stainless steel bottom, which is in contact with excrement, is corrosion-resistant and has no dead corners. Easily handle any buildup or residue with just one wash!

    Can it be used as an open cat litter box?

    Yes, our lid features a double-layer design, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.

    Do I need some install tools to assemble the box?

    No, the installation is simple and takes just three minutes without needing any tools.

    If my cat urinates cum high, will urine leak from the connection between the stainless steel base and the lid?

    No, the upper lid fits securely over the stainless steel base, effectively preventing any urine leakage.

    Can the flap door be removed?

    Yes, it can be.