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Pullnscoop Cat Litter Box
Nanoclean litter
Pullnscoop Cat Litter Box
Nanoclean litter
Pullnscoop Cat Litter Box
Will the Pullnscoop fit in my space?
The Pullnscoop is a compact size of 25.2L x 18.1W x 17.7H in. (64L x 46W x 45H cm) and weighs 13.2lbs (6kg). It can be stacked for convenient transportation.
How many cats can use the Pullnscoop?
It could work for up to two or three cats per unit, but you will need to clean the waste bin more frequently.
Does the Pullnscoop require special litter?
The Pullnscoop cat litter box does not require specific or expensive cat litter. It can be used with highly absorbent small-grain clay litter or microcrystal litter. We recommend using Nanoclean silica litter.

DO NOT use recycled paper, tofu, pine, corn, or wheat litter.
How often do I need to change the waste bin?
It depends on the number, size, breed, and gender of your cats. For a single average-sized cat, you will need to change it every 5 to 7 days. (change it if it is full)
Can I reuse the waste receptacle?
Yes, you can. We do not recommend doing so as it may breed bacteria in the waste receptacle. If you choose to reuse it, please remember to sanitize it properly.
How often do I need to add litter?
You should add litter when emptying the waste bin. For better tracking control and litter savings, add litter to the middle of the “Min” and “Max” lines. Never fill the Pullnscoop past the “Max” line.
How often do I need to deep clean the Pullnscoop?
It depends on your cat's behavior and your personal preference. We recommend deep cleaning every 2 to 6 weeks. Click here for a video guide to quickly disassemble for deep cleaning.
Is it hard to acclimate my cat to the Pullnscoop?
The box-shaped Pullnscoop is the best litter box for your cats to investigate with natural curiosity. To expedite the process, we recommend placing the Pull-N-Scoop in the same location as the old litter box.

Add a few cups of litter from the old litter box to help your cats feel more familiar with the Pullnscoop. You may also need to place them inside the Pullnscoop, to show them that it is safe.
Can big cats use Pullnscoop?
Pullnscoop have a large room for cats to maneuver and do their business. It is suitable for cats of various body type, including large orange cats, puppet cats, maine coon cats and so on.
Nanoclean litter
How is NanoClean Premium Litter different from other cat litters?
NanoClean features super absorbent and lightweight silica gel crystals. These crystals have exceptional absorbency, requiring less litter for the same effectiveness.

Our non-clumping litter is long-lasting, resulting in lighter trash bags, reduced scooping, and fewer trips to the store. Unlike traditional clumping litters that form heavy clumps, our super dry nano silica gels in NanoClean Litter absorb urine and odor, locking them inside as the water evaporates. You only need to scoop and dispose of solid waste.
How long does a NanoClean Litter last?
Every bag of NanoClean Litter is tailored to last a full month for a medium-sized cat in a standard litter box (12" x 16"). When filling your litter box, ensure the recommended at least 1.8" depth.
How do I use NanoClean Litter?
To use NanoClean Litter, pour proper amount into a clean litter box, ensuring at 1.8 inch depth. Remove your cat's feces daily, shaking off excess litter granules when scooping. After about a month of use, empty the litter box contents into a trash bag. If there's residue, clean the box before adding fresh litter. The super absorbent silica gels trap urine and odor as water evaporates. Only scoop and dispose of solid waste. Replace all litter monthly for a clean experience.
Will my cat have any problems using NanoClean Litter?
Most cats take to NanoClean Litter right away, but some may need help transitioning. Cats can be picky, and unfamiliar texture, color, or lack of scent might be the reason.

Don't worry, we have tips for a smooth transition! Add one poop and urine clump from the old litter into the new NanoClean Litter fill. Your cat will recognize the familiar smell and feel at home. This has been successful for many of our feline friends!

Another method is to mix 75% NanoClean Litter with 25% of the old litter on top. Your cat will blend it naturally, and next month, you can use 100% NanoClean when you replace it. Happy littering!
Will NanoClean work in my self-cleaning, automated litter box?
Absolutely! NanoClean's sand-like texture is compatible with most self-cleaning litter boxes. If your litter box works well with other crystal litters, it will work seamlessly with NanoClean too. NanoClean works perfectly with the Pullnscoop Litter Box!
How can I qualify for free shipping?
To qualify for free shipping, you need to spend $50 or more on any of our products, except for shipments to AK, HI, and PR.
Are you shipping internationally?
We are in the process of developing a worldwide distribution initiative. Stay tuned for updates on international shipping availability.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Your order will be delivered within 7 business days from the date of purchase.
Can I cancel my order after it's been shipped?
Unfortunately, orders are not eligible for cancellations once they have been shipped out. Please ensure that you review your order carefully before confirming.
What does the 12-month warranty cover?
Our 12-month warranty covers your Pullnscoop cat litter box from top to bottom against defects in material or workmanship, ensuring your confidence in its quality.
Who is eligible for the warranty?
The warranty is applicable to the Original Retail Purchaser, covering the product for 12 months from the date of purchase. It is non-transferable and does not extend to subsequent owners.
What is considered "normal and proper residential use"?
"Normal and proper residential use" refers to using the Pullnscoop cat litter box in a typical household environment for its intended purpose. Any improper or commercial use is not covered by the warranty.
How can I get assistance with an issue I'm experiencing?
We take pride in our responsive and informative customer service. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us. Many problems can be resolved by sending you replacement parts at no cost.
What if a repair is needed?
If a repair is necessary, we offer a free repair service or a certified reconditioned replacement unit at no charge to you. However, please note that shipping for these services is not included.
Who covers shipping costs for repairs or replacements?
While we cover the repair or replacement service, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs associated with sending the defective unit to us for repair and for the return shipping of the repaired or replaced unit.