Pullnscoop NanoClean Premium Cat Litter(2-month)
Pullnscoop NanoClean Premium Cat Litter(2-month)
Pullnscoop NanoClean Premium Cat Litter(2-month)
Pullnscoop NanoClean Premium Cat Litter(2-month)

NanoClean Premium Cat Litter(2-month)

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  • 99.9% dust-free, no more messy dust clouds and litter tracking.
  • Fast-acting silica gel absorbs urine instantly and eliminates odors for better odor control.
  • Advanced unscented non-clumping formula, no big clumps and save more litter.
  • Made from nano-silica gel material, light-weighted and safe for pets and families.
  • 9 lbs, 2-month usage for one cat, less litter consumption compared to traditional litter with clumping formula.
  • Ships Within 2 Business Days

  • Ultra-low dust & lightweight

    Experience the magic of 99% dust-free litter that's over 80% lighter than traditional clay litter. Say goodbye to the heavy lifting and dusty mess, and say hello to a clean and dust-free litter box for your beloved feline companion!

    Anti-bacterial & advanced odor control

    Made from nano-silica gel material, combining white granules with antibacterial properties and black granules for superior odor elimination. Super safe for pets and families.

    Exceptional absorbency

    Unscented non-clumping formula rapidly absorbs cat urine and evaporates moisture. No big clumps and less waste to deal with!

    One fits for all

    The NanoClean litter is designed to fit seamlessly into any litter box, including Pullnscoop Litter Box. Say goodbye to the hassle and extra expenses while providing your feline friend with a dust-free, clean, and delightful litter experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is NanoClean Premium Litter different from other cat litters?

    NanoClean features super absorbent and lightweight silica gel crystals. These crystals have exceptional absorbency, requiring less litter for the same effectiveness.

    Our non-clumping litter is long-lasting, resulting in lighter trash bags, reduced scooping, and fewer trips to the store. Unlike traditional clumping litters that form heavy clumps, our super dry nano silica gels in NanoClean Litter absorb urine and odor, locking them inside as the water evaporates. You only need to scoop and dispose of solid waste.

    How long does a NanoClean Litter last?

    Every bag of NanoClean Litter is tailored to last a full month for a medium-sized cat in a standard litter box (12" x 16"). When filling your litter box, ensure the recommended at least 1.8" depth.

    How do I use NanoClean Litter?

    To use NanoClean Litter, pour proper amount into a clean litter box, ensuring at 1.8 inch depth. Remove your cat's feces daily, shaking off excess litter granules when scooping. After about a month of use, empty the litter box contents into a trash bag. If there's residue, clean the box before adding fresh litter. The super absorbent silica gels trap urine and odor as water evaporates. Only scoop and dispose of solid waste. Replace all litter monthly for a clean experience.

    Will my cat have any problems using NanoClean Litter?

    Most cats take to NanoClean Litter right away, but some may need help transitioning. Cats can be picky, and unfamiliar texture, color, or lack of scent might be the reason.

    Don't worry, we have tips for a smooth transition! Add one poop and urine clump from the old litter into the new NanoClean Litter fill. Your cat will recognize the familiar smell and feel at home. This has been successful for many of our feline friends!

    Another method is to mix 75% NanoClean Litter with 25% of the old litter on top. Your cat will blend it naturally, and next month, you can use 100% NanoClean when you replace it. Happy littering!

    Will NanoClean work in my self-cleaning, automated litter box?

    Absolutely! NanoClean's sand-like texture is compatible with most self-cleaning litter boxes. If your litter box works well with other crystal litters, it will work seamlessly with NanoClean too. NanoClean works perfectly with the Pullnscoop Litter Box!