Pullnscoop FlexiBath Adjustable Pet Tub
Pullnscoop FlexiBath Adjustable Pet Tub

FlexiBath Adjustable Pet Bathtub

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  • Easy, mess-free bathing with 360-degree access and water-conserving design.
  • 5 levels of adjustable washing height, reducing back and knee strain.
  • One-hand folding mechanism and removable legs for space-saving storage.
  • Spacious and safe for small to large pets up to 80 lbs, with adjustable collar restraint.
  • Lightweight, durable materials: marine-grade PVC basin and stainless aluminum frame.
  • Ships Within 2 Business Days

  • In-The-Tub
    • Built-in side pockets
    • Adjustable collar restraint
    • Handle and switchable drain port
    • Retractable Drainage Pipe

    One bundle includes 6-month supplies of waste receptacles(24pcs) and liners(6pcs) for one normal size cat.

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     Unlock the latest
    features of FlexiBath

    Secure and Comfortable CollarFit Restraint

    Our adjustable collar restraint ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your pet, providing safety and stability during bath time while making the experience more enjoyable.

    Side Pockets

    Keep shampoo, brushes, and other grooming tools within reach with the integrated side pockets. These convenient storage compartments make bath time more organized and efficient.

    Customizable Height and Storage-Friendly Design

    Say goodbye to uncomfortable, water-wasting bathing sessions with a hose. Our adjustable pet bathtub lets you stand comfortably while bathing your pet, reducing water waste and enhancing the experience for both you and your furry friend.

    Transforming Pet 

    • Built to last with strong, high-quality materials, our pet bathtub is equipped with an easy-pull handle and a switchable drainer port for effortless use. Enjoy a reliable and efficient pet bathing solution that simplifies your routine.
    • Sturdy, slip-resistant bottom, easy to clean, and resistant to scratching and paw wear. Equipped with a triangular frame for enhanced stability.

    Durable Design with
    User-Friendly Features

    Cater to your needs with 5 adjustable height levels, ensuring ergonomic comfort during bath time. The bathtub easily folds down for compact storage and is large enough to accommodate pets of various sizes(Up to 50lbs).