Waterless Shampoo Spray
Waterless Shampoo Spray
Waterless Shampoo Spray

Waterless Shampoo Spray

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  • Easy daily pet care with natural ingredients.
  • Aromatherapeutic coconut scent for freshness.
  • Cleanses, conditions, and moisturizes coat and skin.
  • Enzyme-activated, no-rinse formula tackles tough impurities.
  • Perfect for on-the-go pet parents, simplifies grooming routine. 8fl.oz.
  • Ships Within 2 Business Days

  • One bundle includes 6-month supplies of waste receptacles(24pcs) and liners(6pcs) for one normal size cat.

    All Natural & Effective

    Our organic, pH-balanced formula ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning that leaves your pet's coat soft, shiny, and pleasantly scented with a hint of oatmeal and aloe. Safe for all pets, including dogs!

    Hassle-free & Waterless

    In just three simple steps, your furry friend will be clean and fresh:

    • Spray the shampoo generously on your pet's coat.
    • Gently massage the foam into their fur, allowing it to absorb and work its magic.
    • Either brush through their coat for a polished look or let it dry. It also helps effectively tackle tangled and matted fur.