Pullnscoop Autovac Pet Food Container 15lbs
Pullnscoop Autovac Pet Food Container 15lbs
Pullnscoop Autovac Pet Food Container 15lbs
Pullnscoop Autovac Pet Food Container 15lbs

Autovac Pet Food Container 15lbs

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  • Auto-sealing vacuum auto pressure control keeps pet food fresh.
  • Food grade material for safe feeding.
  • Detachable, rechargeable battery for easy charging & cleaning.
  • Portable leather belt, built-in scoop, smart alarm alerts & bottom anti-slip design.
  • 3.5 gallon(15 lbs) capacity, great for small to medium-sized bag of dry pet food.
  • Ships Within 2 Business Days

  • In-The-Package
    • 360° silicone seal
    • Removable battery
    • Removable cove
    • Built-in scoop

    One bundle includes 6-month supplies of waste receptacles(24pcs) and liners(6pcs) for one normal size cat.

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    Unlock Smart
    Pet Food Storage

    Effortless Auto-Vacuum Seal

    Simply close the lid, and the container automatically seals and begins the vacuum process, ensuring the freshness of your pet food with no extra steps. It's an intelligent, fuss-free solution for pet food storage.

    Instant Pressure Release

    Simply press to instantly access your pet's food without any waiting time. Instant convenience at your fingertips.

    Always Fresh with Auto-Pressure Monitoring

    Say goodbye to stale pet food! Our intelligent container senses any drop in pressure and springs into action, automatically vacuuming to lock in freshness. This smart feature ensures your furry friend will always enjoy tasty meals, sparking their appetite and keeping them happy and satisfied! Maintains constant freshness for 35 days with a single charge!

    All-in-one Storage Solution

    A 360° silicone seal teams up with a replaceable desiccant, robustly combating moisture, pests, and oxidation while maintaining the perfect dryness inside. Coupled with a handy built-in scoop, making it an effortlessly pleasant experience.

    Simplified Charging and Cleaning

    Embrace the freedom of our removable battery that keeps your pet's food vacuum-sealed even while charging! And when it's time for a cleanup? The detachable lid makes it effortless to keep your container as fresh and clean as the food inside.

    Versatile Storage Champion

    Our container's capabilities stretch far beyond pet food. It's a haven for anything that requires dry and fresh storage. Fill it with snacks to keep them crispy, and store valuable electronics to keep them free from moisture. The 3.5-gallon capacity could be your go-to storage for coffee beans, dry fruits, or grains. Truly, this container is a multi-purpose wonder!